11 interesting uses of baby powder

In beauty, we can choose between a variety of versatile products to save the cost. One of them, baby powder has been known for quite a lot of interesting uses. Here are 11 ways to utilize it that you can not ignore.


#1. Thickening eyelashes
Do you want to your own charming thick lashes? Baby powder will be the perfect choice for you. What you need to do is using a little baby powder to apply to the entire eyelashes. Then, you can use mascara to re-brush the powder evenly spread all over.

#2. Make up
Are you spending too much money on cosmetics every month, especially the powder? From now switch to using talc of you.

With the ability to suck the oil is quite effective, you should use baby powder in the last step makeup. Use makeup brushes to spread them all over the skin. This way will help your skin not be greasy and make the makeup last longer. However, you should not use too much because it will produce white light effect.

# 3. Protect your skin while waxing
If you do the hair waxing process at home, the baby powder will help you lot. Before waxing, sprinkle some powder on your skin. It will create a sense of cooling and soothing and helps wax hair cling better.

# 4. Use like dry shampoo
Use a little flour to sprinkle baby powder on the hairline, which will help remove oil from your scalp. If you have red hair, mix it with some cinnamon powder. Meanwhile, with brown, black hair, you can add a little cocoa powder to create the most authentic hair color.

# 5. Deodorization
To get rid of foot odor when wearing your shoes, sprinkle some baby powder into your shoes. It will absorb the sweat of your feet for optimum deodorization.

# 6. Prevent friction
If you usually run, the friction can be painful for you. Therefore, you should apply baby powder to the places that are often rubbed.

# 7. Use after deodorant
When you use the deodorant for the closed area, let dry and then apply a layer of baby powder on them. As a result, you will feel dry all day long. The baby powder keeps the skin from feeling sticky and it also keeps your armpit feeling dry.

#8. Remove the sand at the beach
When going to the beach, if the sand clings to your skin, apply baby powder to your skin. This powder has the ability to absorb water, and sweat, to help the sand fall off quickly.

# 9. Prevent feet acne
You can prevent acne in the feet by applying a little baby powder in your feet, where the shoe rubs regularly.

#10. Create cool feeling
On hot summer days, you get a cool feeling when you sleep by sprinkling a little baby powder on the bed. It will keep you feeling dry and cool all night long.

# 11. Raise eyebrows
If you want to increase the thickness of your eyebrows, use a baby powder, apply it on your eyebrows and then paint it with your eyebrow pencil.


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