4 reasons you can’t lose weight like you want

Have you ever wondered why you have tried to change your diet but your weight can’t be losed?


In fact, there are many different causes that can lead to this. However, in general, you are likely to have the following four wrong elements below.

#1. Not providing enough energy for the body
Many people often think that eating less is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. However, this is not the correct view, especially in certain cases.

Indeed, if the additional calories the body is too low, your body will automatically go into energy conservation mode, leading to more fat storage.

Imagine that your body is like a house. If you do not make enough money to pay your electric bill, what do you do? You will definitely turn off the power, fan, air conditioner to save power optimally.

With the body too, when it does not have enough calories, the body saves energy by lowering body temperature (slowing down metabolism), slowing down digestive tract, and reducing thyroid function. Basically, this is the survival of the body.

#2. You are not healthy
When your body is not healthy, weight loss is hardly as effective. Therefore, first and foremost, keep your body healthy in order to naturally lose weight.
You need to be healthy and then lose weight, not lose weight and then healthy.

# 3. Use foods difficult to digest
When you use food that exceeds the body’s digestive traits, this factor also affects your weight loss.

In fact, this is common in people who are struggling with nutritional deficiencies, making the body more sensitive and more difficult to digest, especially milk and gluten.

Moreover, when you eat foods that are not digestible, this also means that your body is unable to absorb and assimilate the nutrients. From there, nutritional imbalances will make you fat.

# 4. You cut off carbohydrates and sugar completely
When you add carbohydrates to the body, it will be converted to glucose to produce energy. Then, when the body does not consume all energy, glucose is converted to Glycogen for storage in the liver.

When you do not eat enough good carbohydrates, this will not be able to enjoy the metabolism and the conversion of thyroid hormones, hence weight loss is impossible.

Weight loss requires a long process and of course you need to be persistent as well as understand the factors that affect the process of losing weight. Thank to it, you get the weight you want.


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