5 beauty products not really necessary

With so many beauty products on the market today, choosing the ones you really need will make you feel not easy.

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Do not believe what the advertisements say to you, you can completely cut down the budget on beauty by removing the ones you do not really need.

#1. Toner
Although most of us are familiar with skin care procedures including skin cleansing> use toner> use moisturizer. However, the truth is that most people can skip the toner step.

Most dermatologists say that toner is not really needed because it is used primarily to remove the remaining traces of makeup or dirt. Therefore, people with normal skin and sensitive skin do not necessarily have to use toner.

This product is only really useful for those who have extremely oily skin and want to shrink pores.

#2. Separate moisturizers for different parts of the body
Previously there exists the view that different parts of the body will need to use different specialties. Therefore, you will find a lot of creams on the market such as facial cream, neck lotion, hand cream, eye cream, body cream.

However, in reality, the skin structure is quite similar. Therefore, you can use face cream for your hands and even the eye area. In only a few special cases, such as eye area is too thin, you have puffiness or wrinkles, you should use specialized eye cream containing vitamin K, retinol and vitamin C.

# 3. Mask
Instead of choosing to buy the mask sold in the market with high prices, contains many chemical components … you can completely create homemade mask. Commonly used ingredients include milk, yogurt, oats, vegetables, fruits, and so on.

# 4. Damaged hair restoration products
When you over-use excessive hairdressing, under the influence of high temperatures and chemicals, your hair will become extremely damaged. At this time, you will often find hair restoration, although most of these products are quite expensive.

However, there is a truth you should know that damage hair is almost irreparable. Therefore, it is better that you should try to protect your hair from the beginning.

# 5. Products for wrinkles and fat accumulate under the skin
While preventing and minimizing wrinkles appears is entirely possible, for deep wrinkles, almost you can not remove them by cosmetics. The best solution in this case that you can apply is plastic surgery.

Similarly, with cellulite, although anti-cellulite creams can overcome some, this is a temporary remedy. Instead, a healthy lifestyle, full diet and regular exercise is still the best way to deal with cellulite.

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