Can toner be used like a makeup remover?

Many girls use toner to remove their makeup, but according to professionnals, toner isn’t a substitute for makeup remover. Because basically, tonner is water, so it can not completely remove dirt or makeup on your face. And the makeup remover that often contain oil, help to clean perfectly


In some cases, make-up artists remove light their makeup with toner because they forget to bring a makeup remover. But when they return home, they will definitely make a cleanup again with a specialized makeup remover.

Cleaning is a step we all need to do! Whether you have makeup or no makeup, take skincare or no skincare , you should still clean your face every day


Especially after using a physical sunscreen, if you do not remove the page, you can have facility the pores and acne. So this is a good habit, just like brushing your teeth every day. If you can do it every day, you have prevented many problems with acne

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