Fasting is a healthy habit and helps in detoxification: Kiran Sawhney

As far as today’s health conscious youth is concerned, Kiran Sawhney is a name that arguably needs no introduction at all. Regarded as India’s only Tango expert, the highly reputed personal trainer has over time established herself as a synonym for perfection thanks to her in-depth knowledge and dedication to her craft.

Speaking exclusively to IBNLive, Sawhney opens up about the importance of fasting and exercise. Moreover, she also shares her caustic views on consumption on non-veg.

Sawhney opens up about the importance of fasting and exercise.

What makes fasting an integral part of a healthy lifestyle?

Nearly every religion emphasizes and encourages fasting in some way or the other. This importance attached to fasting can be attributed to the role played by it in purifying and nourishing the body. Moreover, it also helps remove toxins from the body and ensures proper detoxification.

How can one avoid health complications during a fast?

During a fast one should consume plenty of seasonal grains such as ‘Kuttu Ki Roti’. Moreover, plenty of fruits should also be eaten. Furthermore, it is also important to drink plenty of water of water during the day. This keeps the body well hydrated and nourished. However, non-veg must not be consumed during the vrat.

Can exercise enhance the benefits of a fast?

Exercise is must during the fast. It keeps us active. One can do plenty of yoga and revitalize the body. The ‘Kapal Bhaati’ and ‘Avilom Bhaati’ in particular are extremely helpful in this regard.

Please tell us a bit more about the importance of these pranayams.

In order to explain the importance of the pranayam, I am going to talk a bit about a course we often undertake. As part of the course, we do not consume any salt at all. Instead all of us do a lot pranayaam. Interestingly, the pranayam helps in maintaining the salt levels. This in turn gas positive impact on our energy levels and general health.

What is the importance of dance in maintaining good health?
Dancing and the fast go hand in hand. There is a strong connection between the two. Dandias and other dance forms are a way of celebration. Moreover, they help one enjoy and have fun. However, at the same, dance results in higher energy levels and thereby keeps the body vitalized. Hence, its importance can’t be overlooked.

What else can be done to enhance general fitness?

Light cardio and jogging play a big role in ensuring general fitness. Moreover, the morning walk is a healthy habit. It should be done on a daily basis.

What is the key to losing weight?

As far as weight reduction is concerned, some dietary considerations need to be kept in mind. Coconut water helps in losing weight. One must drink it as often as possible. Furthermore, consuming fruits too comes in handy on this front.

Lastly, what is your take on the consumption of non-vegZ? Is it a healthy lifestyle?

To begin with, every time non-vegetarian food is consumed a life is lost. So why should we make our stomach a graveyard for dead animals? Moreover, the body responds better to vegetarian food than non-veg. However, most importantly, we do not have the correct enzymes to digest non-veg. As such, it takes a long time for our body to digest it.

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