Good cosmetics with pleasant price

Are you a lover of beauty? However, with a limited salary of an officer, you often feel hesitated when deciding to buy for yourself an item?


Instead of having to look for expensive cosmetics, why not consider buying yourself cheaper products that still have quality guarantee. Let’s take a look at some suggestions below!

#1. Nail polish
Currently, many quality nail polish products usually come with a fairly high price, up to $ 14. So, if you do not want to waste your money, look to the Sinful colors professional brand. You will get quality products that come with various color options.

#2. Eye makeup

With eye makeup, E.L.F’s product is a trusted choice because of the affordable price (usually less than $ 5). In general, with this line of product, you will feel quite surprised because their quality is no less than that of products from other major expensive brands.

# 3. BB Cream

Talking about makeup, BB Cream is an indispensable choice in your cosmetics kit. However, their prices are not cheap, with reputable products usually at $ 20.

If you are looking for a low-priced product, you can choose Garnier for $ 7.00, supporting sun protection with an SPF of 20. In addition to the price factor, Garnier also meets most of the skin needs from anti-aging to control oil …

With BB cream, you also have another option that comes from TONYMOLY. For example, Luminus Goddess Aura BB Cream is a product that not only receives high ratings from users but also helps protect your skin optimally.

# 4. Lipstick

With lips, you can get a lot of different choices. Specifically, you can visit to select attractive lipsticks with just … 1 USD.

Elf’s Studio Matte Lip Color is also a good choice. Along with that, you can choose NYX branch which is also quite quality but not too high price.

Above are some suggestions in choosing good cosmetics at affordable prices. Therefore, you can search to choose the right product for yourself without having to spend too much money.

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