Goodbye, Motorola! Hello, Moto! Lenovo is phasing out the Motorola brand for phones

Posted on: 07:42 AM IST Jan 08, 2016 | Updated on: 7:49 am,Jan 8,2016 IST

Goodbye Motorola, Hello Moto

A famous name in mobile phones is going away.

Lenovo, which bought the Motorola phone business from Google in 2014, is phasing out the Motorola brand for its phones.

Motorola is widely credited as the first company to produce a mobile phone, and it was a leading brand a decade ago. But it struggled to keep up with newer smartphone makers and, after splitting into companies, saw its mobile phone business acquired by Google in 2012.

Google then sold the business to Lenovo two years later.

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CNET first reported Lenovo’s decision. A Motorola representative confirmed Thursday that Lenovo will still use the name “Motorola Mobility” for the company’s phone division, but it will shift the branding of its phones and wearable devices to “Moto” and “Vibe.”

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