Google hatches a baby croc, a duck and 5 turtles in its New Year 2016 doodle

Posted on: 07:24 AM IST Jan 01, 2016 | Updated on: 7:40 am,Jan 1,2016 IST

In tune with its tradition of following up on its New Year’s eve doodle with a related New Year’s Day doodle, Google has hatched the egg resting in between birds in the Google colours.

But Google New Year 2016 egg has hatched not once, but three times. If you refresh the Google home page you will get to see the other versions of the animated doodle.

One has a baby crocodile, the other has a duck hatching out of the egg and the third has five little turtles. The jubilant birds celebrate the new arrivals.

In 2015, Google had posted an animated doodle created by guest artist Cindy Suen on its home pages around the world.

The 2014 New Year doodle was in continuation to the New year’s eve 2013 doodle. The animated doodle showed a party on with speakers blaring and the digits 2-0-1-3 grooving on the dance floor and the digit 4 that had been waiting for the new year to begin replaced the digit 3 to form “2014”.

In 2013, the New year’s eve doodle had attendees gracefully dressed up having feverish night of partying, while the New year 2013 doodle showed a morning scene with no guests around. The New year doodle featured the haphazardly placed letters of the word Google, acting as hosts cleaning the area after the party.

Even in 2012, Google had come up with two different doodles to welcome the New Year celebrations. After having a party on December 31 2011, the New Year’s Day doodle on the Google home page signalled a fresh beginning in the year 2012. The letters on the Google logo celebrated the passing of 2011 and welcomed 2012 with music, dance, baloons and a lot of colour on Saturday. After a feverish night of partying, they seemed to have already embarked upon fulfilling their resolutions for the New Year on Sunday.

However, taking into account the sensitivity and anger of Indian citizens following the brutal Delhi gangrape case, Google did not post the New Year’s eve doodle on the India homepage on January 1, 2012. Instead, Google was seen grieving over the demise of the Delhi braveheart in its own way. In the memory of the braveheart, Google placed a subtle vigil candle below its search box on the Google India homepage.

The first of Google’s New Year’s Day doodle was posted back in 2000.

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