Google’s animated New Year’s eve doodle keeps us guessing about what will hatch on January 1

Posted on: 07:19 AM IST Dec 31, 2015 | Updated on: 7:25 am,Dec 31,2015 IST

New Delhi: It is yet again that time of the year when the world awaits the clock to strike 12 midnight and welcome the new year with gusto.

Keeping with the tradition of wishing the entire world with its special doodle, Google has posted an animated New Year’s eve doodle with an unhatched egg resting in between the little birds which form the word ‘Google.’

Visible across its homepages, Google’s animated egg will hatch midnight.

Google’s series of holiday doodles started with the onset of Christmas when the search giant posted multiple doodles inspired by papercraft and cut outs.

But its today’s doodle packs in it a surprise element. What could it be? Another Alphabet-like announcement? Let’s keep guessing until midnight!

Here are Google’s New Year eve doodles from the past years:





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