What are the benefits of green tea have for your health ?
What I have to say myself is that I would not drink coffee anymore and only drink green tea henceforth. So, what is the special and benefits of drinking green tea? As stated by Dr. Christopher Ochner, Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. Which benefits does
How Much Caffeine in a Cup of Coffee? A Detailed Guide
Coffee is the biggest dietary source of caffeine. You can expect to get around 95 mg of caffeine from an average cup of coffee. However, this amount varies between different coffee drinks, and can range from almost zero to over 500 mg. This is a detailed guide to the
Detox Diets 101: Do These “Cleanses” Really Work?
Detoxification (detox) diets are more popular than ever. These diets claim to clean the blood and eliminate harmful toxins from the body. However, it is not entirely clear how they do this, what they’re supposed to eliminate and if they actually work. This is a detailed review of detox
30 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally (Backed by Science)
There is a lot of bad weight loss information on the internet. Much of what is recommended is questionable at best, and not based on any actual science. However, there are several natural methods that have actually been proven to work. Here are 30 easy ways to lose weight
12 Foods That Are Very High in Omega-3
Omega-3 fatty acids have all sorts of benefits for your body and brain. Many mainstream health organizations recommend a minimum of 250-500 mg of omega-3 per day for healthy adults (1, 2, 3). You can get high amounts of omega-3 fats from fatty fish, algae and several high-fat plant