How to Minimize Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are a common problem of women, especially with Vietnamese women who have mostly oily skin. The oily skin is often associated with problems with acne and enlarged pores. So, today we will find how to make better at enlarged pores on 2 types of skin: oily and dry .


#1. Why it’s always coming to oily skin ?

As we all know, oily skin is often associated with acne problems so most girls have the habit of squeezing or scrubbing pimples . This habit explains the cause of development of large pores. But many peoples think that it’s the only simple way to treat acne, but actually it’s not the truth. Acne is coming from multiple causes, therefore we have to choose the appropriate treatment to cause of this problem . For example, a person with endometrial acne, without Resolve endocrine problems, acne will still return although how many times you squeeze and remove them. in addition, It all begins when your oil glands make too much oil. So to minimize the enlarged pores, controlling the amount of oil on the skin also play a very important role. This is the main cause of the condition of large pores appear on the skin so now how to make better.

# 2. How to fix enlarged pores to oily skin.

Minimizing enlarged pores for oily skin is a multi-step process, and there isn’t specialized product which can take that immediately. For example, the following is a well-presented process that allows us to eliminate and prevent this problems.

Note: Oily skin or any kind of skin should also be moisturized. The only difference is that if they have oily skin, they should use deep moisturizing products, which will allow the skin to be moisturized better . In contrast to dry skin, they will use moisturizers on the surface. Because it is not suitable for oily skin, it will clog pores and produce more acne! The simple identifier to choose the deep moisturizing product that will be remarkable with “Deep Moisture”

# 3. How to fix enlarged pores to dry skin.

For dry skin, you also do as that video with a list of other things to do below:

+) Collagen Supply: You try to eat more animal pores such as chicken, pig, fish. Then take the Collagen supplement too.

+) Use sunscreen: Try to use sunscreen whenever possible, especially when you go out for long time between 7am and 4pm. In addition, you need to choose the type of sunscreen suitable to the type of your skin ! And below is the top rated sunscreen products of 2016.

+) Sprays: Mineral sprays are a very important step for women with dry skin, as it helps to provide extra moisture to women, especially employees who usually work in air-conditioned rooms. . +) Moisturizing: The final step for dry skin is to use products or sets of moisturizers that are suitable for your skin. As mentioned above, with dry skin, we should choose moisturizers on the surface These are the steps you need to take to help improve the condition of enlarged pores and dry skin. And of course it takes a lot of time, not only a day! So in urgent cases, makeup to be beautiful!

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