How to moisturize the skin speedly at home

This article introduces us to how to accelerate moisture to the skin at home. Accelerated moisture leveling is very convenient in case of emergency. For example, you need to go to the wedding this afternoon but your skin is too dry to make up. This situation is easy to see in winter, when the humidity in the air is low


#first. Guide to high speed moisture at home.


Glycerin 3 tablespoons

Rose Water 4 tablespoons

Vitamin E Customize from 3 to 8 tablets

Lemon Custom 1 – 4 pieces

Note: We can slightly change this composition to complete to your skin. See the clip below for know how to do it!

#2. Things to keep when we apply this method.

+ Lemon: In the video, they add lemons, as a exfoliating ingredient that make the skin whiten. But this ingredient can cause sunburn too if you use this method during the day!

So if you do not need white or exercise this method during the day then you should pass the lemon

+ expiry date: use before 7 days from the date you make this product. In addition, it only takes 5 minutes to prepare materials for this method so can do it when u need to use. do not much and reserve them.

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