How to “revive” cosmetic damaged super fast and effective

Sometimes, the lipstick you love so much is suddenly broken into many parts. This time, surely your feelings will be regret while deciding to put them in the trash without knowing how.
Actually, you can completely salvage a broken lipstick and even a compressed or cracked eye shadow. All you need to do is apply the tips below.

#1. “Revive” broken lipstick


Preparation: You need to prepare a dryer, a small knife, tissue and fridge.

Instructions: First of all, you should turn the rest lipstick all the way down, then use the dryer to melt them. After about 20 seconds, this part is soft enough to hold the broken part of the lipstick.

Next, you use a knife, cut the broken part to make them smooth. Then you put them in lipstick and leave that lipstick in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Finally, take the lipstick, use a soft towel to clean around and the lipstick can be used as usual.

#2. “Revive” eye powder or compressed powder


Preparation: A plastic bag, alcohol, tissue, a knife and a spoon

Instructions: First, use a spoon to scoop everything out of the box and put a plastic bag. This step can make you feel that you are making it worse, but remember that it is broken.

After pouring them in the bag, you continue to use the back of the spoon to squeeze them out, making them smooth.

Next, you add a small amount of alcohol to the chalk enough to make a thick creamy texture. At this time, you use a spoon to stir and smooth the chalk. Then, you put them back into the box, using the knife to compress them as flat as possible (similar to the way you are making a cake).

Then, you use a paper towel to absorb excess alcohol. After about 12 hours, the alcohol will evaporate completely.

Thus, corrupted makeup items can only seemed to leave was “revived” and then you slightly. Good luck!

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