How to treat hormonal acne?

Hormonal acne is caused from inside our bodies. And hormonal acne is difficult to treat because acne itself radically repeated many times since the acne origin born unresolved.

Remember that without perseverance and determination never, repeat once more is never you can treat completely of this kind of acne!

These are the principles that we need to adhere to in order to get rid of endocrine acne once and for all:
+) Sleep:
Make sure most people with hormonal acne get up late and there is always a reason for that! Now back, no matter if the sky is falling right 10h00 are you to bed! Turn off all electronic devices, no phones, no computers, no televisions, no books!

+) Eat and drink:

Sweep all food and drinks, everything that has the word “sweet” is gone! Sweet cakes, sweet candies, soft drinks, even sweet fruits are also good for you! Sour is eaten comfortable!
No pasta, no bread, no chili, no hot pot, no fried baked dishes! Get rid of it!
Soy milk: You should drink soy milk, as it helps you a lot in hormonal balance! Besides, you can also use soy mask to treat acne of your hormonal acne!

Because each woman has a different skin type so the treatment will be various.
The external methods will help you get rid of the current acne, but healthy habit make acne won’t appear anymore. If you still keep the old habits, everything will remain the same again. It takes a lot of time to treat, so it need a lot of dedication into changing yourself.

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