How to use Spirulina to gain weight?

Spirulina is one of the plants that has been around the world for billions of years. However, their use for health has only been discovered and popularized for a few last decades. In particular, the effect of spirulina can lead to gain weight. So let’s see how to do it.

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#first. Why should you give priority to natural gain weight?

Everyone wants to find the most effective and safe solution to weight gain. In fact, to do it naturally, you need to supply a essential nutrition regularly for your body for a long time. In addition, this way not only helps you gain weight as well as it also helps increase the body’s resistance. On the contrary, many people choose fast weight-gain methods because they do not want to take much time. However, any solution that lead to gain weight quickly , there are also harmful side-effects. These drugs contain water-retaining substances, which stimulate to eat as much as Corticoid, Cyroheptadine. Corticoid … so when you stop using the drug, you can have complications, such as swelling, osteoporosis, atrophy.

#2. Nutrition

Spirulina is sometimes used as a nutritional supplement because it’s full of ingrediens facts.

Protein: capacity of protein in Spirulina is up to 60%, much higher than some other foods.

Vitamins: Supplements of vitamins, especially Vitamin B12.

Minerals: Spirulina contain a lot of minerals, especially Phosphorus, Manganese, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium, Zinc, Potassium … In addition, calcium content in Spirulina is 10 times higher in milk.

Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll will provide effective antioxidant protection Spirulina also provides 18 different types of amino acids So this type of algae is very safe and lead to gain weight effectively

# 3. How to use Spirulina to gain weight

Follow the formula below:

* For the first 3 days, take 2 tablets/time, 3 times a day. This will help your body gradually acquainted and adapt to algae.

* The next 6 weeks, you drink more, 6 tablets/time, 3 times a day

* 8 weeks later, you take 6 tablets/time, twice a day. After 3 months, you will see a change in weight


* Take medication with 200ml of water after a 15-minute meal

* Drink a lot of water

* Get a goodnight’s sleep

* Eat three full meals a day

* Do exercises regularly.

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