Photos: Meet the world’s smallest camera-equipped drone Axis Vidius

Posted on: 12:39 PM IST Jan 03, 2016

The Axis Vidius, touted to be the world’s smallest drone fitted with a camera, is a tiny quadcopter measuring roughly 1.5-inches square and is able to livestream and record video in 420p.


Because it is tiny and weighs less than .55 pounds, it doesn’t require a registration with the Federal Aviation Administration.


The Axis Vidius mini drone can live stream video via WiFi, however, it has a flight time of only 5-7 minutes on a 20-minute USB charge.


It further comes with a 2.4GhZ controller and users can pilot it with a smartphone or tablet.


The drone includes LED lights for night flight and drone orientation.


It further comes with 360 degree rotational yaw that allows users to seamlessly adjust orientation.


The Axis Vidius is pre-programmed with ‘Trick Mode’ algorithm that lets users to flip or roll the drone.


It will start shipping on or before January 29, 2016.

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