Pitted scars and pitted scars treatments


In scars, pitted scars are commonly found in people with severe acne and acne, as well as other skin diseases. Although not painful, but pitted scars often cause aesthetic because it will make the face becomes rough, extremely ugly.

So how can get rid of pitted scars? Take a look at some of the current common scars treatments below.

#1. What is pitted scars?

Understand in the simplest way, pitted scars are the small dimples appear on the skin in many different sizes, uneven. From there, you will notice the appearance of bumps, hollows.

Currently, there are many causes of pitted scars, but the most prominent is due to acne, chicken pox, allergies, skin burns … All these causes damage the dermis of the skin, breaking Rupture skin structure and lead to scar formation.

#2. The most effective treatments for pitted scars

Pitted scars are one of the hardest types of scars, so it is not always easy to treat pitted scars.

Usually, depending on the depth of the scar you can decide for yourself natural treatments or interventions by dermatologists. Here are the most basic methods.

Pitted scar by natural methods

With small, shallow, pitted scars (usually due to acne left behind), you can use the following natural mask formulas:

Papaya Mask: Use a small piece of papaya, crushed then mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey. Next, apply the mixture to the skin, leave about 20 minutes and rinse with clean water.

Centella Mask: Cantella contains a component called triterpenoids, which improves blood circulation, scar filling and skin regeneration. What you need to do is simply crush some cantella, apply on scars, ưait till dry and rinse with clean water.

Honey: Honey contains antibacterial ingredients, repair damaged skin … Therefore, honey is used quite a lot in the treatment of acne and scar treatment. Use pure honey, apply to scars, overnight and wash again the next morning to get the best effect.

Aloe vera: aloe vera contains skin regenerating ingredients. So, just wash your aloe vera, remove the skin, cut it to piece and apply it to the scarred area. After 15 minutes, wash your face again.

Turmeric: Turmeric contains curcumin active ingredients, enhances collagen production, stimulates and regenerates skin cells. Therefore, this is also a method of effective scar treatment has been applied for centuries.

Normally, you just need to rejuvenate, apply to the scar. However, this way can cause your skin to become yellow, hard to clean. Therefore, you can use turmeric starch substitute by combining a few spoonfuls of turmeric + fresh milk without sugar, apply to the skin, relax and rinse after 20 minutes.

Use pore scars cream

If you want to treat pitted scar faster, choose a scar cream containing collagen essence. This ingredient is capable of regenerating the skin effectively, so your scar will probably disappear gradually.

Laser treatment: Laser pitting scars are one of the forms of surgery on the skin. With this method, the laser will be projected into the scarred area to fill the pitted scars. However, this method is expensive, takes time to recover and you need to choose a reputable aesthetic address to perform.

Skin graft surgery: This is also one of the most expensive methods, often applied to people with severe scars, deep scars and large density.

With skin graft surgery, the doctors will remove the scarless skin to replace the scarred skin.

Usually, the skin used for grafting will be taken from behind your ear. After surgery, your skin will recover after 5-7 days.

Bite Surgery: The procedure is similar to skin grafting. However, instead of using healthy skin to replace scarred skin, the damaged skin is stitched together with small stitches. This is usually done for large scars.

Above are some of the most common treatments for scars. Of these methods, applying natural masks is generally not cost effective, but slow-moving, only suitable for small, shallow scars. Meanwhile, methods like laser treatment, skin graft surgery … will work fast but the cost of these technologies is expensive.

Therefore, depending on the scar situation, economic conditions that you can choose for yourself method accordingly.

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