Samsung to showcase next-gen projects from its top-secret Creative Lab at CES 2016

Posted on: 08:29 AM IST Dec 31, 2015

For the first time ever, Samsung will be offering visitors to the 2016 International CES a sneak peek at some of the next-generation projects it’s working on at its usually top-secret Creative Lab.

In particular it will be offering a look behind the curtain at three potentially revolutionary ideas — a smart belt, a motion controller developed for VR headset operation and gaming, and a watch strap that doubles as a hands- and ear-piece-free communicator.



It may look like a normal leather belt that wouldn’t look out of place when worn with a good suit. But as well as holding trousers in place, the Welt can constantly measure waist size, steps taken, time spent sitting and eating habits.

As well as keeping the wearer’s health and fitness activities a subtle secret, the idea behind the Welt is that it can be used, via an app, for developing personalized diet and weight management plans.



Virtual Reality could be incredible, if only the wearer could ‘see’ their hands when the helmet’s on. The Rink slides over a hand and can be used for swiping through content — think “Minority Report” — or for playing interactive games involving swords, runs or tennis rackets.



We’re already very used to sticking a finger in the ear in order to hear what’s being said on the phone in a noise environment. TipTalk essentially turns a digit into an amplifier. Integrated into a watchstrap of the smart or traditional variety, when the phone rings, sticking a finger in your ear will be the same as actually holding the device to the face in order to listen or speak. It can also handle text to speech functionality.

Since setting up its own technological incubator to challenge the like of Google’s X Lab in 2012, Samsung claims its Creative Lab — or C-Lab, as it’s called internally — has helped develop over 100 projects.

And although each of the devices on show at January’s tech showcase is still very much a work in progress, hopes are high, particularly for TipTalk. Samsung has already helped its creators, Innomdle Lab, set up as an independent company.

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