Should we use sunscreen for acne skin?

#1. Should we use sunscreen for acne skin? 

The answer for sure is YES.

Moreover, using sunscreen is more important than acne skin compared to other skin types. Because it helps the skin to be protected from sun damage.

But acne skin is often very sensitive skin, so choosing the wrong sunscreen can lead to bad effects and make acne worse.

So, you need to choose the sunscreen that suits your skin type.

#2. Choose sunscreen for acne skin.

Choose an oil-free, gel-like or liquid sunscreen for acne scars as they do not clog pores, create a soft, non-greasy foundation.

– Stay away from sunscreen lotions containing derivatives, aroma, benzone oxygen, alcohol and PABA (chemical sunblock)

– Optional physical sunscreen (containing zinc oxide and titanium oxide) is much better than chemical sunscreen.

#3. Some acne creams that are recommended by many skin specialists:

Avene High Protection Cleanance Sunscreen SPF30

Dr.Vita Clinic Fre-C Sun Protector SPF50

Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Oil Free Matte

Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 SPF30

#4. Notes on using sunscreen for acne skin.

– Do not choose sunscreen lotions containing vegetable oils or fatty acids, as they will cause skin to excess oil, clog pores and leave many acne spots.

Choose sunscreen with spf <55. Many people think that the higher the spf, the better the protection of the skin. But especially for acne, this is not true. Sunscreen with spf> 55 will have many problems with acne

– Avoid scented sunscreen lotions (artificial flavors) as they are very irritating and can make your acne worse and worse.

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