Sony unveils 4K TV prototype with 10 times brighter display technology

Posted on: 08:02 AM IST Jan 07, 2016

Sony unveiled a prototype TV capable of showing 4K programming with a brightness level it claims is four times as bright as its competitors.

Using a technology it called Backlight Master Drive, the company said its prototype TV could emit 4,000 nits of brightness, which is four times as high as the 1,000 nits boasted by competitors LG and Samsung on their liquid crystal display TVs. It’s about 10 times brighter than most sets today.


The company said the technology was unique to Sony. It also said it would launch an app called Ultra so users could buy and stream 4K movies that were also encoded for a new standard called high dynamic range (HDR). Titles to be made available include Sony Pictures films like “Elysium,” ”Chappie” and “Fury.”

Sony also showed off a flagship TV it calls the X93D it will launch later this year to show 4K HDR movies and shows. It said it would brand all its new TVs that are capable of playing the new format with the “4K HDR” label, not the “Ultra HD Premium” label that is sanctioned by the UHD Alliance, a group of electronics makers and studios of which Sony is a member.

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