The other benefits of hair conditioner

Not only known for your hair softens, conditioner also offers many other benefits that you may not have heard of.

When do you think of hair removal by using a conditioner? Have you ever thought of using a conditioner to replace laundry soap?

# 1.Replace the shaving cream to avoid razor cuts.
Regular waxing is the habit of many people, though it is in the legs, arms or even the genital area.


In the absence of a softening product for shaving, it is possible to choose the conditioner as a perfect replacement. What you need to do is simply wetting the skin, apply conditioner and shave as usual. This will be extremely soft and painless.

#2. Soften and clean makeup brushes
If you make makeup regularly, you will definitely have a collection of makeup brushes of different sizes and shapes.


In fact, these brushes are places where there are potentially many harmful bacteria to the skin if they are not cleaned regularly. And conditioner is a powerful tool, help you do this easily.

You only need to add conditioners in water to get the diluted mixture. Then, use this mixture to clean the brush without worrying about them being hard or crunchy.

# 3. Washing underwear
Have you ever thought of using a conditioner to replace washing powder? This trick is especially useful when traveling because you can hardly find a detergent while most hotels have conditioners in the bathroom.


Not only that, conditioners are quite suitable for some types of costumes, especially underwear. They can clean clothes without making them dry, hard or sensitive to the skin. Therefore, if you own sensitive skin, you can be assured with this choice.

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