Top 10 tips to help you own a slim face

You are the owner pretty round face? Do you feel your face is rather heavy compared to others? Try some simple tips below, they will surely bring the illusion that your face is much slimmer.


#1. Highlight the eyes

The bigger the eyes will bring you a tighter face. Therefore, use neutral colors to make up the inner corners of the eyes. Next, use dark brown, gray or black to adorn the upper lash.

Finally, curl your lashes and use black mascara. In addition, the cat-eye makeup style can also make your face look a lot neater.

#2. Don’t overlook the eyebrows

With thick eyebrows, angular eyebrows can also help your face slimmer. Meanwhile, thin eyebrows can make your face more round than normal. Therefore, don’t forget to use an eyebrow pencil.

# 3. Use compressed powder

Using compresses powder that is darker than the skin may be the best option for round face girls. Use powder to cover gently the jaw bone and two sides of the nose.

# 4. Add “shimmering light”

You can add shimmer powder (powder with light emulsion) carrying photosensitive effect as the face brighter, slimmer. When used, apply powder along cheekbones and collarbone.

# 5. Create a highlight for a partial face

You should use hightlighting powder, use starting from the top of the face. Then, you move from the middle of the eyebrows, pulling along the bridge of the nose down the upper lip and down the middle of the chin.

# 6. Choose the right hairstyle

You should say no to short hairs because they will make your face look bigger and rounder.

# 7. Puffy hair

Your hair too flat and straight will make your face look bigger. Therefore, you can try your own style of puffed hair to create the hair thicker.

#8. Try ponytail hairstyle

The hair had high up on top of the head can help slim your face more. Therefore, ponytail is the choice for you.

# 9. Choose dark colors for the hair around the face

Darker colors usually have a slimming effect. So, keep the hair that is closest to your face has a darker tone.

#10. Use long and rectangular jewels

Finally, you should say no to “bulky” jewelry, heavy. Instead, choose your earrings, square, rectangular or triangular necklaces. They will make your face angles and much smaller.




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