Using toothbrush for blackhead remover


Blackheads are one of the  mild acne phenomena but if it’s not resolved soon, it can develop into inflammatory acne and it’s too dificult for treatment.

1/ Take a warm towel on the area you desire to remove blackheads, in this case, on the nose. This will help the pores to expand and help remove blackheads in the next step becomes easy and least costly.

2/ Prepare a mixture including :


Baking Soda


Then use a soft toothbrush to gently brush around the areas where you apply the mixture. Don’t have to rub too much, a few gentle back and forth is enough.

3/ Use a clean towels to wipe again, you will see blackheads have been removed by a significant amount. If you still feel unwell, you can put on a warm towel again and use your hands to remove the remaining. Finally, you can use a moisturizer to nourish the treated area.

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