What do you know about bra?

It is one of the most indispensable items of women’s clothing, however, do you know all kinds of bras are available in the market? Let’s find out to get the best choice for yourself!


#1. Measuring bust to choose suitable bra

If you wear a bra that shows some of the appearance of a bra that is too wide or too tight, the strap is too short or too long, the shirt pinks the skin causing discomfort … This indicates that you have been wearing the wrong bra size. . In addition to not feeling comfortable, this also affects your breasts in particular and your health in general.

So, let’s find out some ways to measure the breasts to choose the right bra below!

First, when you are wearing a bra without padding or no bra, you use a tape measure wrapped around your upper body, the lower part of your breasts and record measurements. Then, the second step you take to measure the largest part of the check again.

Next, you take the measure in step 2, minus the measure of step 1 will be the result. Now compare the results, for example, if you get 1 inch, you wear a size A, 2 “= B, 3” = C, 4 “= D, 5” = DD, … 1inch = 2.54 cm).

#2. The most popular types of bra

T-Shirt Bra: T-Shirt Bra is a bra designed exclusively for T-shirts, designed with shoulder straps and slippery trousers hidden under the T-shirt. Thanks to that, the wearer will always have a sense of privacy.


Demi Cup Bra: The Demi Cup Bra is a bra that has a lower cut than any other type of bra. With the shoulder straps arranged far apart, this shirt also helps to push your bust up, creating a fullness. Therefore, this is the right choice when you wear a wide neck or low cut tops.


Bandeau Bra: Bandeau Bra is also known as bra straps. This is a good choice for those who own modest size. This jacket usually comes with detachable straps, suitable for many outfits such as when you are in a strapless dress or a slightly underarmed shirt.


Full Cup Bra: This bra type can be completely cover the breasts, so usually suit those who own big breasts.


Minimizer Bra: This bra type suitable for owners of big breasts, helps them look smaller than normal. Because of its elasticity, the chest is compressed but still gives you a comfortable feel.


Push Up Bra: Push Up Bra is used to push your boobs higher. In addition, most of these bras have removable pads. Therefore, you can eliminate it if you own big breasts.



Sports Bra: Sports bra is used while you exercise and there are many different types. For light-hearted sports like yoga, find yourself a comfortable sports bra.


Meanwhile, if you join some athletic requirements such as running, you will want a tighter bra to keep your boob stable during movement. At present, some types of sports bra usually use special fabric material, which helps to sweat to always bring you feeling very dry.

Strapless Bra:Strapless-Bra This is a bra without a strap, so they are usually used with strapless skirts and tricot.

Deep Plunge Bra: The Deep Plunge Bra is a cup-shaped V-neck bras. Therefore, you can use this bra with a shirt or skirt with a deep neckline cut.


Overall, this type of bra can help the two sides closer while maintaining the shape of them.convertible bra

Convertible Bra: This is one type of bra that every woman should own. The straps have hooks that are smartly arranged and easy to move. Therefore, you can comfortably wear a tank top or some other type of shirt without worrying the bra strap.





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