What is the acne saying about your health?

There are a lot of reason why traditional chinese medicine calls the face is the window to your health. All of the areas indicate what is happening on the inside of your body.

#first. Acne on the upper forehead

The cause of acne in this area is a problem of the digestive system. Maybe it’s the habits to ussually eat fast foods. How to fix:

– Limit to eat fast foods

– Adjust the diet balance

– Eat more vegetables, fruits

– Drink a lot of water

#2. Acne on the lower forehead

According chinese medicine this is linked with the mind and spirit. “Stress” and irregular spleeping patterns are the two main reasons why you had been posed popping up here. For some peoples, they have acnes in this area due to bad blood circulation.

How to fix:

– Try to sleep early (before 11 pm). Getting enough sleep will not only improve your puffiness but also your health and your skin. If you sleep well and reasonably, you will wake up full of energy with rosy skin and smooth, right?

Tips: to easily go to sleep, turn off the phone at 9 pm

– keep the spirit relaxed!

Tips: take a long bath, watch a favourite film, do sports when you have a stress! It will help you to change your state and forget your sorrows

# 3. Nasal pimples.

Acne on the nose is a sign of heart problems and blood pressure. In addition, stress is the cause of this condition How to fix: Reduce stress, par exemple travelling or shopping

# 4. Acne on your eyebrows.

Acne floating in this area is a sign of liver disease. Alcoholic drinks or weight loss diets are the root cause of this problem. The solution is quite simple: limit alcohol.

# 5. Pimples on the ears.

Acne at the ear is often a sign of the kidneys! The troubles are often caused by not drinking enough of water , and taking in too much salt and caffeine.

How to fix :

– Cut down on the sodium and caffeine

– Drink plently of water every day! If you do not know the amount of water needed to drink every day, follow this formula Water per day = weight * 0.4 liters

For example: a weight of 45 kg, the amount of water to drink is: 45 * 0.4 = 1 liter 8 / day

Note: If you do sports you will need to drink more.

# 6. Acne on the right cheek.

Acne in the cheek area is usually a sign of the lungs! The cause of this problem is smoking, respiratory stress, or allergies. You should take care of your respirator of system and avoid smoking.

# 7. Acne on the mouth area and the center of the chin.

Acne floating in this area is usually a problem with the stomach and the small intestine! This is due to inadequate diets, such as high fat and fatty snacks

How to fix

– Limit to eat fast foods

– Eat more vegetables

#8. Pimples on the sides of chin.

Acne in this position usually come for the periods. Hormonal imbalance and overwork of kidneys account for this problem. Just relax.

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