What to eat before and after exercising?

Before you start exercising, you always want to find a dish that can provide energy without making you feel full. And 20 minutes after you finish the practice, you will probably continue to want to eat something.


So, what should you eat before and after exercises is best?

In fact, carbohydrates (Carbs) are one of the most important elements, which help give the body the energy needed to operate every day. Therefore, you need to supplement carbohydrates before exercising.

After exercising, you will need to add energy to your body as well as add protein to increase muscle strength. In general, experts say that you should take a light snack before exercising. (However, if you have just had a mortar to eat before practicing for 2 hours, you can skip it.)

It is best to eat before exercising for 30 minutes and similarly eat after 30 minutes of exercise. Here is the diet for each of the different workout methods.

#1. Cardio methods (running, cycling, dancing, kickboxing)

Before exercising, you should eat light, easy-to-digest foods. After exercising, you should eat plenty of protein and carb.

Before the practice: You can eat a large pear, sliced and mixed with 1.5 teaspoons of honey. This recipe contains 41 g of carbs, 1 g of protein, 0 g of fat, 153 calories.

After practicing: You drink ¾ cup milk chocolate and 1 small banana. It contains about 35 g starch, 7 g protein, 2 g fat, 178 calories.

#2. HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

With circuit training (a series of consecutive exercises). Before exercising, you should eat a single carb diet consisting of sugars. After exercise, you need protein supplements that will be good for your muscles.

Before exercising: You can eat 1 slice of whole grain bread with ½ tsp raspberry. This recipe contains 35 g of carbs, 0 g of protein, 2 g of fat, 162 calories.

After the practice: Eat a crisp crisp bread, 2 tsps of butter, 3 tsps of cheese crumbs. The formula contains about 15 grams of carb, 6 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, 171 calories.

# 3. Toning methods (Powerflow yoga, barre, pilates)

You should eat foods that contain enough carbs, proteins, fats to help maintain energy throughout the day

Before exercising: You can eat one tangerine and some pistachio containing 15 g carbs, 5 g protein, 9 g fat, 150 calories.

After the practice: Eat 1/3 cup appetizer and 1 medium carrot, cut into rods. This recipe contains 22 g of carbs, 5 g of protein, 7 g of fat, 169 calories.

# 4. Weight training methods (Crossfit, kettlebells, Circuits)

You should eat a lot of protein to develop muscles.

Before training: You should eat 1 cup of soy with 15 g carbs, 17 g protein, 8 g fat, 189 calories.

After practice: You can eat yogurt with ¼ spoonful of raspberries. The formula contains 13 g of carbs, 26 g of protein, 0 g of fat, 163 calories.


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