Why skin becomes sensitive?

Recently, you suddenly feel your skin becomes more sensitive with some signs of itching, redness and flaking. Right now, it’s a good idea to take the time to listen and try to figure out the real reason behind these symptoms.


#1. Using improper skin care

Getting your skin to become sensitive may simply be a sign that you need to change your daily skin care habits. In fact, the cause may be that you wash your face too much or use inappropriate products.

From there, the result is your skin suddenly dry and irritated. According to studies, Sodium Laureth in facial cleanser can break the skin’s protective barrier. In addition, ingredients such as salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxy acid can also cause undue reactions.

#2. Contact dermatitis

If you frequently see redness or itching, you may have had contact dermatitis. This disease can arise from the use of a range of products, from shampoos to many other products.

In addition, you may also have food allergy rashes, or reactions to certain materials such as rubber. People with eczema, dry skin are irritated, which can be inherited in the family. However, for some people whose skin got allergies or chronic urticaria, the cause is often not clear.

# 3. Dry skin

Sensitive skin may appear due to dry epidermis. Therefore, you can enhance skin moisture to reduce redness and irritation. When washing your face, use warm water, pat gently and apply a moisturizer immediately after cleansing.

In addition, dry skin, sensitive skin usually occurs seasonally, especially in cold winter days. If your skin is dry beyond your control, go to see a dermatologist.

#4. Some skin diseases

Sometimes, sensitive skin is a sign of some illnesses. For example, Rosacea is one of the diseases that can make the skin sensitive as well as flushed and rough like a chicken skin. Meanwhile, Aquagenic itch will cause the skin to itch after contact with water.

Additionally, sensitive skin when exposed to sunlight is also a manifestation of the photodermatosis. Along with that, you can also see medical conditions affecting the skin, such as thyroid disease. So, in this case, the doctors can help to find out the reason for the sensitive skin by making a skin biopsy.

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